What we

Our mission at African Dream Horse Safari is to show all who join us a fun and exciting way to work with and learn about both, horses and the wildlife of South Africa.

The programmes welcome holiday makers and interns who would like to spend their time with us living their ultimate African Dream. Whether it be horse trails through the bush, improving horse riding skills during jumping and flat work lessons in the arena, game drives in the Big 5 nature reserve, making a difference on outreach or exploring the surrounding area on one of the many excursions, African Dream is the place for you.

As a family run business, we pride ourselves in what we do and do our best to share our incredible passion for both horses and nature, in a fun-filled, happy environment with all who join us on this wonderful adventure.

What we

Equine and Wildlife Holiday

For enthusiastic travelers wanting to have an incredible African holiday, by viewing our beautiful wildlife, taking part in a variety of equestrian activities, assisting with outreach work and going on exciting excursions that the surrounding area has to offer. 

Research Internship

For university students who are required to conduct a short term research project as part of their university or school studies, while still getting to experience Africa’s incredible wildlife and a variety of equestrian activities.

Horseback Trails

For holiday makers wanting to experience nature in a unique way, by joining us on a 1 or 2 hour horseback trail through the African bush, while we search for a variety of unique and wonderful wildlife species.

African Dream

Traci Thomson

Traci is a devoted guide, accomplished competitive rider and dedicated conservationist. She is a firm believer in working all her horses with compassion and kindness, teaching her riders and students to do the same. She has completed both her FGASA Levels 1 and 2, Trails Guide as well as received her CEEPSA certificate and qualified as an equestrian sports coach International level 1.

She spends her time teaching various horse skills and how to love, care and work with the horses.

Shannon Thomson

Shannon has lived in the bush her whole life and has a passion for all animals. She has her FGASA Level 1 qualification and runs the horseback trails side of the business. She is relaxed, alert and confident out on trail, spotting unusual and interesting wildlife, plants and trees and describing them in a way that is fun and enjoyable. Being a very avid rider, she rides in various show jumping competitions with her phenomenal horses.

Shannon is responsible for the stable management and welfare of the horses, making sure that they have the best care possible.

Ryan Thomson

Ryan graduated from the University of Pretoria with a degree in Business Management and Marketing and now follows his passion for the bush as part of African Dream. He has gained his FGASA Level 1 and Lead walking trails guide qualifications, and is in the process of getting his FGASA Level 2.

Ryan is involved in the bush side of things, by taking students on game drives and helping interns gather the necessary data as well as runs the various excursions, which students will experience during their stay at African Dream.

African Dream

African Dream wouldn’t be the company it is today, if it wasn’t for the incredible dedication and hard work put in by all our staff, in order to look after the horses, stables, facilities and volunteers.

Oransie, Alfred, David, Oliver, Jacky, Mandla, Susan, Gladys, and Victoria work shifts at the stables making sure all the horses are happy, healthy and content. Oscar and Tried work extremely hard keeping the facilities and gardens in excellent condition and Shirley and Rummy work tirelessly to ensure the accommodation and stables are kept clean and tidy.

All the grooms speak English and/or Afrikaans, as well as their home language Shangaan, so you can have fun learning the local languages while having a chat to our friendly staff.

Our Gorgeous

Oil Rig

Oil Rig is a tall, stocky appaloosa gelding with a big heart and solid, loveable personality. He is very brave and is used as the lead horse for our trails!


Candle is our stunning appaloosa gelding and is loved by everyone. He is a joy to ride by both beginner and advanced riders because of his solid sensible personality!


Bafana is a big round food loving bay gelding and is all the beginners favourite as he just ambles along whether it is out on trail or in the arena. He is one of our older horses so is on light work but still has a lot of spirit to share!


Carl is our 17.3 hand beautiful grey warmblood gelding. He has huge movements in the dressage arena and loves to jump for the more advanced riders. He is a bit spirited on the outrides but absolutely loves swimming in the dams!


Joey is the most beautiful chestnut american saddler gelding. He is very sensitive and is always loved by everyone that rides him. He needs to have a soft rider to give him confidence and will then give you his all!


Lui is a spirited grey gelding who is always up for anything and is quite happy to have fun in the bush. He is an honest horse and everyone loves to jump him as he is confident and strong. His loves the dam swims and spends most of the time splashing everyone around him!


Gabby is a beautiful grey boerperd mare with a bundle of energy. She is still trying to learn the art of flatwork and loves to jump but her favourite is the trail rides in the bush. Advanced riders love her, as she has a lot of spirit and a strong personality, which needs to be channeled in the right direction.


Star is a gorgeous grey Boerperd gelding and has just joined us at African Dream. He is a very sensitive horse but is honest and sweet and loves being the lead out on trail. He has a huge jump and everyone loves riding him in the arena and he always makes sure the rider has a good time!


Saku is a beautiful grey gelding who spent his younger years doing trails in a Big 5 Nature Reserve. He is ridden by both advanced and beginner riders and is safe and reliable both in the arena and out on trail and loves swimming in the dam on those hot summer days!


Fuzzy, our gentle bay thoroughbred gelding. Loved by all and is ridden by both beginner and advanced riders. A honest jumper, giving nervous riders the confidence to tackle jumps and gives the more advanced riders a strong trail ride. He has the sweetest nature and loves to be cuddled and spoilt with carrots!


Eric is a sweet chestnut gelding with loads of spirit and is loved by everyone that rides him. He is perfect in every way which allows his riders to learn various horse riding skills!


Twin is a big stunning chestnut thoroughbred gelding. He is super nice in the arena with amazing dressage movements and also loves the outrides, especially the dam swims. He has an incredible jump but needs a confident rider for him to trust!


Aero is a young bay gelding and the son of Chocolate with a warmblood sire. He has not yet been backed but is always willing to learn new things and has so much confidence in everything he does. We know he has so much potential to be an incredible addition to the African Dream team!


Chocolate is our sweet little bay mare that has the kindest nature and loved by all the little kids that ride her. She is also so perfect with adult riders as she is always ready for a challenge and loves to jump, loves the outrides and loves the dam swims. She is the mother of Aero and still so young with so much potential!


Brady is our cheeky chestnut mare who has become a favourite with all riders when going out into the bush. She is an incredible trail pony and is used to lead the trails as she is confident and happy in the front. She is still trying to get the balance in an arena and loves to jump!


Alloa is a special chestnut mare with a quiet disposition. She needs a soft rider but once she has trust in you she is an incredible ride with an awesome natural gait and stunning movements in the arena, as well as over the smaller jumps. She loves outrides and has the most comfortable canter!


Pumpkin is a stunning bay mare who is perfect in every way. She is ideal for beginner riders and perfect for advanced riders and everyone loves her. Pumpkin has a beautiful honest jump, fantastic flatwork movements and has a playful spirit in the dam as she always lies down in the water to keep her riders cool!


Valentine is a beautiful grey warmblood mare who has got the most incredible movements and fantastic jump and loves the dam swims. She is still young and loves to challenge her riders every now and then on the outrides but is maturing into an amazing little horse!

Pick Up

Pixie is our smallest pony in the yard but has a heart of a lion! He loves rolling in the dam with the kids and is a great pony to learn on as he loves jumping and easy to ride!