As long as we have PASSION, FAITH and are willing to WORK HARD, we can do anything we want in this life!


We are a family run business and we treat everyone at African Dream as part of our family!


We treat the earth and all that dwell therein with respect & love!


Traci Thomson

Traci is a devoted guide, accomplished competitive rider and dedicated conservationist. She is a firm believer in working all her horses with compassion and kindness, teaching her riders and students to do the same. She has completed both her FGASA Levels 1 and 2, Trails Guide as well as received her CEEPSA certificate and qualified as an equestrian sports coach International level 1.

She spends her time teaching various horse skills and how to love, care and work with the horses.

Traci Thomson

General Manager & Instructor

Shannon Thomson

Shannon has lived in the bush her whole life and has a passion for all animals. She has her FGASA Level 1 qualification and runs the horseback trails side of the business. She is relaxed, alert and confident out on trail, spotting unusual and interesting wildlife, plants and trees and describing them in a way that is fun and enjoyable. Being a very avid rider, she rides in various show jumping competitions with her phenomenal horses.

Shannon is responsible for the stable management and welfare of the horses, making sure that they have the best care possible.

Shannon Thomson

Stable Manager & Trails Guide

Ryan Thomson

Ryan graduated from the University of Pretoria with a degree in Business Management and Marketing and now follows his passion for the bush as part of African Dream. He has gained his FGASA Level 1 and Lead walking trails guide qualifications, and is in the process of getting his FGASA Level 2.

Ryan is involved in the bush side of things, by taking students on game drives and helping interns gather the necessary data as well as runs the various excursions, which students will experience during their stay at African Dream.

Ryan Thomson

Wildlife Guide & Administrator

Christelle Malan

Christelle is full of energy, enthusiasm and loves having a good time! She’s always been a close friend of African Dream, joining in and helping wherever she can and we were very excited to officially make her part of the team, as the student co-ordinator, trails guide and as many past volunteers will agree, entertainer.

Christelle is a big part of African Dream and is continuously trying to make sure everyone is having the most incredible time. She is a fantastic and fun horse rider, who loves going out on trail, taking good care of the riders and horses, as well as making all the various excursions we offer, loads of fun!

Christelle Malan

Student Co-ordinator and Trails Guide

Stable Staff Members

African Dream wouldn’t be the company it is today if it wasn’t for the incredibly dedicated staff that look after the horses and stables. Oransie, Alfred, David, Susan, Gladys, Victoria and Isaac work shifts at the stables making sure all the horses are happy, healthy and content.

All the grooms speak English and/or Afrikaans, as well as their home language Shangaan, so you can have fun learning the local languages while having a chat to the staff.

Stable Staff

Horse Care & Stable Maintenance