You are currently viewing WEEKEND ON THE JET SKI!


On a sunny Sunday we were invited by friends of Glen and Traci for a day of jet skiing and relaxing at a dam on their game farm. Upon arriving the jetski was unloaded into the water and life jackets strapped on ready for a thrilling ride.

After a few shy rounds it soon became a game of ‘who can stay on the longest’ or perhaps ‘who can get the passenger off the quickest’ to the joy of the spectators! The excitement made everyone hungry and the smell of meat being cooked on a braai was a welcome change to the taste of dam water!

Once settled and relaxing in the sun a game of South African 30 Seconds struck up, much to the amusement of the foreign students, and all general knowledge was put to the test. As the jet ski ran out of fuel and everyone ran out of energy, we all headed home a bit stiff, but oh so happy!


Written by Louise (UK)