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We came four weeks ago to spend our vacation with you. At this time we didn’t know what to expect of the stay. We had no idea that we would become part of a loving and hard working family.
Everybody’s goal was to make our stay as exciting and adventurous as possible. Every day was like an adventure and we couldn’t wait for the next activity. e are so grateful we were able to meet all this different characters and making new friends. A huge thank you to ALL of you and the hard working team around you. We hope you know what an huge impact you have on our lives.
You showed us a different way of living, taking things with a smile and never stop believing in yourself. Every guest (whether volunteer, intern or holiday guest) was warmly welcomed by your family. All of you take us as we are and allow us to to grow and to be. The same way you treat people you also treat your animals.
Traci and Shannon, we see how much you care about your animals and love them – we are grateful we learned different aspects how to work with them. Whether natural horsemanship or sitting on a horse and listening to their hearts to allow them however they are. We can make a difference how we work with them now.
Ryan and Christelle, both of you showed us the unique and fantastic wildlife, which is your home. None of you got ever tired of reading tracks for us to bring us as close to the animals as possible. The game drives were never the same and were filled with fun and excitement. You answered every single question perfectly and allowed us to experience the wildlife through your eyes. However we could feel you really wanted to get to know better the personalities behind the smiles. We loved having laughs with you. Thank you for all your patience, getting up too early and taking excellent care of us. We had a blast for sure!

Thank you all for making this the greatest adventure we ever did!

“We are thrilled and never forget about it – you’ll always stay in our hearts!”

Written by Lulu & Friedi (Germany)