I always wanted to take some time off work and really experience an adventure, involving horses and wildlife which are two of my passions.

It took me around two years to finally make this a reality, mainly because there weren’t many places that offer the experience of horse riding with wildlife, and the ones that did were very expensive.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across African Dream Horse Safari on the internet. I quickly booked my stay 6months prior to joining which was in November 2013 for 10days.

This was one of my best holidays ever. I couldn’t believe how the bush camp is in the midst of a Big Five Reserve!

Unlike most game lodges where there is a fenced off area between the reserve and the buildings, it is not uncommon to be chilling in the kitchen or having sundowners and see elephants having a drink at the watering hole or taking a walk 5minutes from the bush camp and running into a Rhino!

Traci is very knowledgeable about Horsemanship and I think what I learned most from my limited stay there was how important being soft but firm with the horses helps both on and off the horses. Traci’s approach to the horsemanship is not just limited to riding the horse but the other activities that make the rider understand the horse; washing the horses, feeding, grooming, shoeing and putting on the bridle and saddle.

I used to be terrified of getting in a small space with a horse but by the end of my stay I was saddling up multiple horses, picking out their feet, and general horse care and feeling at home in the stables.

The program is very well balanced and between “horse-work” and “wildlife”, and on a daily basis you are doing both activities. Either stables in the morning and game drives in the afternoon or vice versa. The game drives are very cool since it’s not just driving around and spotting animals but helping Glen with the daily operations of running the reserve. The one time during one of the drives we ran into a Wildebeest calf stuck that we had to rescue and reconnect to the mother.

I would have loved to stay for longer. All in all it was like living a Dream. The name is very appropriate!


Written by Tsepo (South Africa)