The 5 Senses!

The 5 Senses!

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With 7 enthusiastic students we welcomed a group of 22 children on a warm Saturday for a day full of learning and fun at the stables.

Anna (UK), Celeste (South Africa), Julia (Germany), Tatiana (Canada), Lynn, Wieke and Monique (Netherlands) would teach the children about the 5 senses or methods of perception; smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight.

In smaller groups the children would go along the 5 spots to test their senses. First; the smell was tested by Wieke who let them smell (blindfolded) eg. coffee, juice and cat food.

Touch was tested by Anna who let them recognize one another by just feeling their face or hair. Then Tatiana tested their taste; certainly not easy to determine what you are eating when you did not see it going into your mouth!? Celeste let them recognize different sounds from a distance or nearby, and Julia and Monique taught them how to use their eyes and what it is like when you cannot see.

After this, the children enjoyed some well-deserved peanut butter and jam sandwiches and juice. After lunch we still had some time left to let them ride Tau, Karma or Dave in the arena. A very joyful and inspiring day ended with songs while waiting for the mini-vans to take the children back to the orphanage, and both the children and students said goodbye with a smile on their face!

Written by Monique van Reij and Weike Ambrosius (Netherlands)