Aim for your target… Load the rifle… Unlock the trigger… Pull the trigger… BAM!

That was the main lesson, when Glen taught us how to shoot a rifle.

We were at the shooting range in Jejane, with a distance of 75 meters between us and the target. After that Glen explained us how a rifle works, how the parts of the rifle are named and how to aim it, he showed us how to shoot. After his example we could try it.

My first shot did hit the target so that it would have died, were it an animal, but not immediately. After we all tried the rifle, we went to the targets to look at our shooting-skills. Not only me, but all of the students did hit the target! Awesome!

Then, Glen went to fetch the revolver, and showed us how it works and how to shoot it. We stood at a distance of maybe 20 meters from the target, and I was already laughing. Off course we would hit the target from such a distance, I thought…

Well, apparently a revolver is not so precise to aim with as a rifle! My first shot went somewhere into the hill that lay behind the targets, but at least my second shot did hit the target. Again, we all tried the revolver, and after that we went back to the rifles.

We shot again with the rifle (I hit the bullseye!), and I also wanted to try the heavier rifle that Glen had brought. He laughed and gave it to me, and I aimed again and shot. Whoei, that was a heavy gun! Even though I was holding it in the right position, it still slammed back into my shoulder, and left me a bruise that would be there for a week (now I understand why Glen was laughing). But apart from the recoil, it was amazing to shoot with such a weapon. After the last shot was fired, we cleaned up and went home again.

It was an awesome experience, and I’m definitely going to shoot again while I’m here, that’s for sure!


Written by Charlotte (Netherlands)