Today we had a visit on Jejane Private Nature Reserve, from renowned scorpion expert Jonathan Leeming.

He came to do a course with the students throughout the day and into the evening.

The day started with a game drive to the warehouse, where everyone watched a short powerpoint presentation while Jonathan narrated on the different types of scorpion, the identification characteristics, the danger level and threat.

We learnt that scorpions don’t have very efficient lungs, so they run – stop – run – stop and we were each given a pack to use to take sketches and notes on all the scorpions we found that day.

We had such fun clambering over rocks and searching the bush for scorpions; but always being very careful to put everything back how we found it, so as to not disturb the environment.

Jonathan was so passionate about his work, and he shared so much of his knowledge with us!

We found some beautiful scorpions; some buthidae (highly venomous) and some liochelidae (not very venomous).

After a long day in the sun we built a fire back at the warehouse and had a cool drink while the sun set.

We had a very relaxed and social spit-braai of amazing impala, and then took our UV torches and went in search of scorpions in the dark. Scorpions glow a luminous yellow/white under ultra-violet light, and so, by shining our torches into the cracks and hollows in the tree bark, you can find them very easily.

It was an amazing day, very enjoyable and very interesting and everyone learnt a lot and will definitely take this experience away with them.

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