Trail with Impala Herd!

Trail with Impala Herd!


We had such an incredible trail with Cari and Phillip and Merlin was with African Dream doing her Trails Guide practical training and led the trail with professionalism. Her passion for the bush and wildlife created an amazing experience for the guests.

On one of the trails our guests got incredibly close to a breeding herd of Impala. Impala are very graceful fawn antelope, with white under parts, measuring approximately 900mm at the shoulders.

They are the most common antelope in the bush regions of South Africa, and both browse on shrubbery and graze grass on flat terrain, eating acacia pods and fruits when available.

Herds seldom wander more than eight km from permanent water supply, and as Impala are preyed upon by most of the large carnivores and the young often fall prey to Pythons, the Impala are therefore on constant alert. Should one of them spot danger, it will snort an alarm and the whole herd will scatter. Renowned for their spectacular leaps over shrubs and bushes when alarmed, it is incredible to see this antelope jumping 3 metre high and 12 metre long leaps.

Following a gestation period of 194-200 days single calves are born during early summer. An ewe is sexually mature at two years of age. Young rams can breed as yearlings, but are prevented to do so by territorial rams, which dominate reproductive opportunities.

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