Trail with Amazing Animal Sightings!

Trail with Amazing Animal Sightings!


This one specific day we took out some guests and Shannon lead the trail on Lui.

As we meandered through the bush we had the most incredible sightings of all the wildlife. It was just one of those days where around every corner was another amazing sighting.  At one stage a “dazzle” of zebra walked along the same path as the horses.  A “journey” of giraffe browzed on the acacia trees in the open plains.  Two waterbuck bulls were having a mock fight with each other while the wildebeest looked on with interest and the majestic kudu bulls watched us while we walked past them.  A herd of impala quenched their thirst while the warthog had a mud bath and a family of warthog ran across with all their little babies following closely behind playing in the fresh grass.

As the rains had come after a long dry winter all the bush was alive with butterflies hovering over the flowers as well as the occasional spider web crossing our paths.

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