Pony Camp with Fun in the Sun!

Pony Camp with Fun in the Sun!

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This week, the Wildlife Equestrian Centre held a 3-day Pony Camp for all its friends and riders, and the students from African Dream took part and gave a helping hand!

It was gloriously sunny, and the clear skies and cool wind meant perfect conditions for a dam swim!! Every rider jumped on their horses bareback with gusto and took a relaxed trail through the bush to the dam. Each horse and rider went in, and we were so proud of them all; particularly Koni, Elektra and Spider the horse for swimming for the first time!!!

There was also a fancy dress competition, where both horses and riders dressed up for fun and completed an obstacle course in the arena! Challenges included ducking under a rope, weaving in and out of barrels, and picking things up from your horse!

There was also plenty of time to relax with both horses and friends; during the heat of the day everyone went and had fun in the swimming pool, playing games and cooling off. And during the evenings we sat on huge beanbags and watched a few movies while the horses had their supper and settled down.

It was a wonderful 3 days, thank you to everyone who took part! We’ll hopefully see you for the next Pony Camp in November with a new intake of students!