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Happy Mother’s day!!

On the start of this beautiful day we were woken up by a good cup of coffee (made by Anna, presented by Lynn) for our Happy Mother’s day! We had a nice day planned ahead.

First we went to wave goodbye to Spoon, who started his walk for the “save the rhino” from Mesina to Cape Town. Many people and friends from Hoedspruit and surrounding areas came together to surprise Spoon. Everyone accompanied Spoon with his first steps of his big journey ahead.

After this little stroll with Spoon, Traci and Glen took us and a group of 13 to Manoutsa to start off our hike in the mountains. We climbed ladders and rocks, crawled through holes and enjoyed some amazing views on the mountain after a dark climb in the cave. Some had the nerves to jump from a 7 meter rock into the freezing water below. Even Carolin (a German student who arrived a few days before) was, voluntarily, thrown in the deep. When everyone had a refreshing moment and refuelled with some food, we continued our hike.

Some kilometres from the end we encountered some “rare buffalo”. These buffalo where actually a herd of cows who were grazing in the bush. We witnessed a calf who was just been born a couple of minutes before! So cute. After sliding through a stream we entered the endpoint of our hike. Our endpoint was a little village where the kids ran towards us when they saw us, to get some sweets. We gathered around a huge Baobab tree and made nice group photo.

Everyone was tired but very proud of themselves that they completed the hike and we treated ourselves with a warm cup of coffee at Wimpy. And after a hot shower and a lovely meal we crawled in our beds. Thinking of this awesome day put a smile on our face and we drifted off in a deep sleep with amazing dreams.


Written by Brigitte & Emmy (Netherlands)