Oil Rig

Oil Rig is a tall, stocky appaloosa gelding with a big heart and solid, loveable personality. He is very brave and is used as the lead horse for our trails!

Twin Engine

Twin is a big stunning chestnut thoroughbred gelding. He is super nice in the arena with amazing dressage movements and also loves the outrides, especially the dam swims. He has an incredible jump but needs a confident rider for him to trust!


Valentine is a beautiful grey warmblood mare who has got the most incredible movements and fantastic jump and loves the dam swims. She is still young and loves to challenge her riders every now and then on the outrides but is maturing into an amazing little horse!


Candle is our stunning appaloosa gelding and is loved by everyone. He is a joy to ride by both beginner and advanced riders because of his solid sensible personality!


Closh is a big bay warmblood gelding and is loved by the dressage riders as he floats around the arena. He loves going out on trails and brings a smile to everyone that rides him. He was an open jumper in his younger years but has been retired from the jumping arena!


Joey is the most beautiful chestnut american saddler gelding. He is very sensitive and is always loved by everyone that rides him. He needs to have a soft rider to give him confidence and will then give you his all!


Brady is our cheeky chestnut mare who has become a favourite with all riders when going out into the bush. She is an incredible trail pony and is used to lead the trails as she is confident and happy in the front. She is still trying to get the balance in an arena and loves to jump!


Lui is a spirited grey gelding who is always up for anything and is quite happy to have fun in the bush. He is an honest horse and everyone loves to jump in as he is confident and strong. His loves the dam swims and spends most of the time splashing everyone around him!

De Man Tau

Tau is a gorgeous grey Boerperd and is loved by everyone. He has a huge jump for such a little horse and is honest and fun in the arena. He is fun on trails and always makes sure the rider has a good time!


Steiner is our very big bay warmblood gelding who has a heart of gold. He is loved by all who ride him as he floats over the arena and is everyone’s favourite in the dressage arena. Steiner loves the outrides and has a bold strong movement when cantering through the trails!

Fuzzy Cuzzy

Fuzzy is our gentle bay thoroughbred gelding. He is loved by all the novice riders and is ridden by both beginner and advanced riders. He is an honest jumper giving nervous riders the confidence to tackle the jumps and gives the more advanced riders a strong trail ride. He has the sweetest nature and loves to be cuddled and spoilt with carrots!


Chocolate is our sweet little bay mare that has the kindest nature and loved by all the little kids that ride her. She is also so perfect with adult riders as she is always ready for a challenge and loves to jump, loves the outrides and loves the dam swims. She is the mother of Aero and still so young with so much potential!

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin is a stunning bay mare who is perfect in every way. She is ideal for beginner riders and perfect for advanced riders and everyone loves her. Pumpkin has a beautiful honest jump, fantastic flatwork movements and has a playful spirit in the dam as she always lies down in the water to keep her riders cool!


Carl is our big beautiful grey warmblood gelding. He has huge movements in the dressage arena and loves to jump for the more advanced riders. He is a bit spirited on the outrides but absolutely loves swimming in the dams!

Bafana Bafana

Bafana is a big round food loving bay gelding and is all the beginners favourite as he just ambles along whether it is out on trail or in the arena. He is one of our older horses so is on light work but still has a lot of spirit to share!


Alloa is a very special chestnut mare with a quiet nervous disposition. She needs a soft rider so to show her the way but once she has trust in you she is an incredible ride with an awesome natural gait and stunning movements in the arena as well as over the smaller jumps. She loves outrides and has the most comfortable canter for the faster rides!


Gabby is a beautiful grey boerperd mare with a bundle of energy. She is still trying to learn the art of flatwork and loves to jump but her favourite is the trail rides in the bush. She is only ridden by the more advanced riders as she has a lot of spirit and a strong personality which needs to be channeled in the right direction. She is a sweet and friendly pony!


Aero is a young bay gelding and the son of Chocolate with a warmblood sire. He has not yet been backed but is always willing to learn new things and has so much confidence in everything he does. We know he has so much potential to be an incredible addition to the African Dream team!

Black Beard

Black Beard is a beautiful black Friesian gelding with attitude and spirit. He is still in training as he is quite young and gives his riders a sense of achievement when it all goes well. He definitely has potential to jump and loves the outrides and dam swims are his best!

Pick Up

Pixie is our smallest pony in the yard but has a heart of a lion! He loves rolling in the dam with the kids and is a great pony to learn on as he loves jumping and easy to ride!