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Every dream comes to an end, and so has my African dream. I had the most awesome time here with amazing people. I learned so many things here at African Dream Horse Safari about the bush and horses. We did a lot of amazing excursions like; Scuba diving in Sodwana, driving around the Kruger National Park, going to the most beautiful place on the Oliphant’s River to relax, swing with a rope into the water and jump from a high rock into the river, Hiking, Paintballing with all the students and going to a festival called Rocking 4 Rhinos!

I really enjoyed doing my research here about the elephant population, there was a great balance in work and fun. It was an incredible experience to learn more about the elephants and to see them from really close.

I gained a lot of knowledge about the bush in the 5 months I was here and during this time, the more I learned the more beautiful the bush became! It was a really amazing experience to live in a Big 5 Reserve where elephants, and lots of other animals, came drinking in the back garden!

Written by Mark Oorschot (Netherlands)