I came to find my African dream and I found more than I could ever imagine. I wanted to get to know about the land, the animals and the humans and I learned all about that and more about myself. Landing in Hoedspruit was like coming home to a home i did not know before.

For everyone who is thinking about going to visit African Dream Horse Safari, don’t hesitate and don’t worry about anything, just be sure the Thomsons will make everything they can to make your time the best you ever had.

I was scared about going to Africa as a young woman on my own and as i leave the airplane in Hoedspruit the African Dream team was there to fetch me up and from that point on you don’t have to be afraid of anything.

There are no bad questions you can ask – and be sure you will have thousands of questions the first days – the Thomsons. Just be sure you will get answers every time, friendly and kind.

Staying in the bush camp is like being a part of the family. You will live in bungalows just next to their house and the visitors have their own kitchen and a beautiful place to be in your free time. There you can just enjoy Africa, chill or talk to other visitors. The bungalows are really nice, clean and every one has it’s own bathroom. Just be sure the beds are very comfortable and you will have unforgetable dreams.

On a normal day you will go to the stables in the morning and in the bush in the afternoon. But if you have wishes for other things to do, the Thomsons will make everything to make you happy.

I can write more and more things about my unforgetable stay at African Dream Horse Safari but i will stop this now and like to tell you to go there on your own and find out all those unique things by yourself.

Breathing the African air and being part of the African Dream Horse Safari was one of the best things i ever did, changed my life and took part in so many things in my life at home.


Written by Jasmin (Germany)