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My First Three Days!

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My first three days at African Dream Horse Safari was the best start of my time here I could’ve asked for.
When Traci picked us up at the bus station I immediately felt welcome and in good hands. She told us that everybody was at the bush pool and asked if we wanted to go there. We would’ve been crazy to say no and wow was I excited about a pool out in the bush!
At the pool we got to meet all the others and little did I know when I nervously said my name and tried to remember theirs, that some of them would mean so much to me a few weeks later.
The day after was supposed to be a chill day but I realised quickly that those do not really exist here. First we did the color run in the morning and right after that, we got news about a buffalo being killed by lions close to the bushcamp. So we went to check it out and wow that was a cool first experience with the wildlife. I had been here not even 24 hours and I had already seen lions eating a buffalo. We ended the day with a cosy braai, sitting around the fire talking and listening to the sounds of the bush around us.
The third day was the most amazing one. It started with breakfast at the outdoor kitchen where we watched giraffes have a drink at the waterhole 50 metres away. We spent the rest of the day driving up in the mountains for an amazing view and a swim at a picnic spot that was like a paradise.
All these amazing things in just three days and then we hadn’t even been to the wonderful stables yet. Little did I know that these three days was just the beginning of two amazing months in Hoedspruit, where I’ve learnt so much about horses, riding, the wildlife, people and myself.
One thing I did know the day I arrived is that it would be really hard to leave.

Written by Karolina Norée (Sweden)