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What an amazing time! That’s what I can say about my 7 week stay at African Dream Horse Safari. I didn’t really know what to expect about South Africa and Hoedspruit, but it was even better than I could imagine! My internship was about getting to know the company by working with the daily routine and learning the different between the company’s back home and abroad. During my stay I learned a lot about the horses. Not only riding the horses, but also compassion, lunging, information about diseases and a lot more. We did great excursions like Panoramic route, Big Swing, Kruger National Park and Mariepskop mountain. During the Game Drives through Jejane Nature Reserve, I learned about the bush and wildlife from Ryan and Christelle. There was also a lot of time left to relax, enjoy the beautiful country and have fun with each other during the braai’s and going out at sleepers.

It really felt like my second home here with the Thompson family and all the interns and volunteers. I want to thank everyone for the incredible time I had here in Africa!

“I hope to come back again!”

Written by Julia Koops (Holland)