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Describing my internship makes me realize how amazing it was. I did an internship about the elephant population in the Nature Reserve. I spent hours and days watching these incredible huge animals. I learned a lot about elephants and it was absolutely amazing.

Besides my internship I did a lot of other things. I learned horse-riding, and this is so cool. I have had some awesome lessons from awesome people. Traci gave me the opportunity to ride my first jumping show ever and I loved every minute of it. And not to forget I won the first prize. I met awesome people and we did so many cool things. Most amazing game drives, lovely sunsets, so much fun at bushcamp, learning about wildlife and learning about other cultures, horse riding with giraffe sightings, dam swims and perfect Friday night evenings to never forget and new friendships for life.

I was not only there for my internship but also for an awesome time, it felt like home so thank you!


Written by Yvonne Raeijmaeckers (Netherlands)