My internship at African Dream was about event management and the marketing of the company.

During my internship I organised 3 events: a Gymkhana, a pony camp and a training jumping show. For each event I wrote a Plan of Action and an Evaluation.

The Gymkhana was the most amazing to organize especially because it was the first Gymkhana African Dream hosted so everything was new for everyone. We played a lot of western games such as barrel racing and pole bending. It was such an awesome day and we had so much fun! Pony camp was a whole different experience, 25 kids around you for 3 days is tiring but fun. Anna and I slept with all the kids in one big tent and shared a mattress together! This caused a lot of giggles by both of us. The kids were amazing and we played a lot of fun games with and without horses. The show was another amazing experience; it was a great day with a lot of good riders out of the Hoedspruit area. I even competed myself (first jumping show I ever did)! Furthermore I kept African Dreams Facebook up to date and wrote articles for the local newspaper.

During my stay I learned a lot and I want to thank Traci, Anna, Shannon and all the other people who helped me organize these events! Organising these events is not the only thing I did in those 3 months. I loved riding the horses in the bush and had amazing jump and dressage lessons from Traci and Shannon. I had the most beautiful games drives with Glen while he took students out for their research projects, and the dogs of course.

And not to forget all the nice excursions I did, like: hiking the waterfalls, going to the mountains, Moholoholo Rehab Centre, the Manoutsa hike, a two day road trip in Kruger Park with the Thomson family and friends, relaxing afternoons at the pool in the bush, experiencing a real South African festival called The Wildsfees, which turned out to be the most funniest night of my life (Traci, Chirstelle, Dani and Dave will know what I’m talking about)! And last but not least a 5 day trip to Mozambique with great friends!

I absolutely loved my stay at African Dream and want to thank everyone at African dream for giving me the BEST experience of my life! I made wonderful friends and memories I’ll never forget and I’m sure I’ll be back!


Written by Kelsey (Netherlands)