How incredible it was! I had the opportunity to do my internship about elephant population dynamics in Jejane Private Nature Reserve, the reserve where I lived for 3,5 months! It was an amazing experience to see these beautiful animals up close and to study their behaviour, their interactions with each other and to finally recognizing them!

Also the outrides with the horses in the bush were amazing! I saw zebras, impalas and even giraffes up close!! The dam swims with the horses were also so nice! To feel their powerful legs swimming underneath you!

The excursions are all worth it to do. To see all these beautiful views, to kiss Jessica the Hippo, to drive the panoramic route, it was all great! I loved all these great experiences and I think about them every day!

I’m very happy that I decided to do my internship here. The experience to see all the beautiful animals up close and to actually live in the bush is amazing. I will never forget it.

I lived my African Dream!


Written by Bo Stadhouders (Netherlands)