I arrived on the 15th of February in Hoedspruit at African Dream Horse Safaris.

I have come to do my internship on predator impact – study about lions. Identifying the lions was a part of my studies and was already planned by Glen … how cool is that! On the 4th of March Glen, myself, Anna, Louise and Kristina went to meet Francois and the scientists to set up the bait, which was an impala, and a tripod speaker system with a recording of a buffalo calf in distress.

In the darkening bush the waiting began. Luckily it did not take the lions long to find the bait as they were close by. It was amazing to see the seven lion cubs and their moms feeding on the carcass from only 7 meters away. We were able to get good pictures to identify them as well as watch their behaviour so close by. The growling and roaring of the feeding lions, fighting for their share of the food was an impressive sound that went straight through your body.

It is a lifetime experience I will never forget. Thank you Glen, Francois and all the others for allowing us to accompany you on the census!


Written by Lynn (Netherlands)