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I really would like to be able to explain in a few words how AMAZING is the “life experience” in African Dream Horse Safari, but it’s very difficult actually and I really think that the only correct word is just “WOW”… (I repeated this word so many times since it became almost my nickname …but I couldn’t avoid it!!)

Everything around me was wonderful and exciting… from when I just arrived and Traci collected me at the airport and took me to the stables.  Once there she asked me “do you want to go to the bush camp and unpack your luggage or do you want to go with them to bring the horses to swim in the dam bareback?” WHAT A CHOICE!!! After 16 hours flying suddenly I felt no more tired…. I dropped my luggage and, of course I got on a horse and went with them… It was so funny!!! Horses love swimming, I didn’t know it!!…and how much!!! They splashed each other, swam and just had fun together with us!!! Fantastic! … Here we go… this was my “baptism” in South Africa: in the dam … bareback on a horse… like a dream!! (“WOW”!!!)

During the (unfortunately not so long) period I spent there, the days were so busy with fantastic and always different things to do everyday … indeed every minute!! Admiring the wonderful African landscapes and sunsets, horse riding in the bush ( and I promise you, cantering in the bush was the most exciting “freedom sensation” of my life) .. and meeting giraffes, impalas and many others wild animal while you are riding … it’s just …”WOW”!!!!

But African Dream is not only this … it is also TO LIVE in the middle of the bush…. getting up in the morning and having breakfast just in front of some zebras having a drink at the bush camp waterhole .. or reading a book under the porch while sitting on the hammock in the afternoon watching some elephants playing with water or knocking out a plant just a few metres away from you, cooking dinner while a hyena is here to see you (oh WOW!!!) or being awakened suddenly during the night because of squirrel’s chattering in our roof!

And also, if you are lucky (but I am sure you are 😉 ) Glen can take you with him in some environment or animals saving operations: I was involved in an operation called “Elephant darting”and this was such an extraordinary experience: This poor elephant’s legs were tangled with some wire, if Glen and all the other people that worked to help him didn’t do that, for sure he was gonna be injured a lot! But they carefully looked for him, found him, darted him from a helicopter, cut away this wire and revived him … and at the end let him run free in the bush again! I was there, we were there, and it was really, really … just “WOW”!!!

But above all, African Dream also means meeting wonderful people …. because Traci, Shannon, Glen, Anna (and all the other people around them) are the most kind, friendly, smiling, funny, nice and SUNNY people I have ever known !!! (“WOW”!! )

South Africa gave me a wonderful goodbye present it was like a “karma”. Since I arrived they asked me “which animal would you like to see the most?” and all I could say was “leopard!!! So we were looking for this leopard everyday in the bush but we couldn’t find one. Everybody said that it is really difficult to spot these shy animals and I was a bit upset because I really really wanted to see one. But in the last night … on the way back from Klaserie Nature Reserve … who crossed our road?!?! A BEAUTIFUL, BIG LEOPARD!! And he didn’t even run away when we stopped and put our car’s light on him. He sat, watching at us, yawning, stretching and letting us admire him in all his beauty and after not less than 5 minutes he decided that it was time to go!! So it’s true … “you don’t have to look for a leopard, as the leopard comes to you when he decides that you deserve to see him”!

So thank you South Africa and thanks African Dream Horse Safari’s team … I ENJOYED THE DAYS SPENT WITH YOU LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered”. Nelson Mandela

Elephant capture Elephant at waterhole Trail with giraffe Trail

Written by Serena Poncini (Italy)