South Africa was a dream I always treasured; not only going there and seeing it, but also really experiencing this amazing and beautiful country.

Then when the opportunity presented itself for me to go on a internship in a foreign country, I couldn’t think of any other place than South Africa.

Talking with a few friends, who already had been on a internship in South Africa, I found the perfect location, African Horse Dream Safari.  After a few emails with Traci I knew I found my destination!

Months later I arrive at the airport in Hoedspruit, and immediately I see all these trees, plants and it was so incredibly warm! So there I was… in Africa! It took me a while to get used to the idea and then suddenly this very happy smiling girl stands there waiting for me, which off course was Anna who came to pick me up, with Natasha.

We arrive at the stables and without any knowledge and experience with horse riding we go on a trail ride… And I loved it!! In the following weeks I learned allot about horses and horse riding and also about Africa and the people. Man! I even jumped a meter!! I got to know so many nice and wonderful people some of which kind of became my family even though I was only there for six weeks … which by the way was way to short!!

I really loved every minute there, it was an experience a will never forget and which change my life.

Going to Africa and by all these amazing and wonderful people supporting me, I got inspired again and so I will go on and proceed to go to the university until I become a veterinarian.

I hope I someday get the chance to see everyone again but until that day I will always treasure the friends I got to know and love so much, thank you all for all the wonderful times and big thanks to African Horse Dream Safari for letting me on the student program!

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Written by Jazzy (Netherlands)