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It was an incredible time with awesome people and an amazing family! In the whole time in Africa, I never felt like a part of a family like here with the Thomsons. Traci is an extraordinary woman, full of love, peace and fun. I will never forget her and her speech at her birthday, thanks for that.

I love the dam swim (Shannon and Twin´s dam “rolling”), the fantastic jumping lessons with Lui, which makes so much fun and my favorite dance “the sokkie”, I love it. Our night game drive was stopping my breath by seeing lions, one of them is come to us roaring and go maybe 1m next to our car, which wasn’t started!! It was a very powerful moment. Our cake sale for the donkeys, the Friday nights and a lot of other unforgettable moments, I miss them. But I´m sure this was not the last time, I will come back, to such wonderful people.  Thank you so much!

“I am an African, I like the way I do!”

Written by Christina Brandt (Germany)


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