We came four weeks ago to spend our vacation with you. At this time we didn't know what to expect of the stay. We had no idea that we would become part of a loving and hard working family. Everybody's goal was to make our stay as exciting and adventurous as possible. Every day was...
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The Perfect Four Weeks!

Now I am almost 2 month back home and since then there is no single day I don’t remember my time at ADHS. I want to say thank you to all of you guys. You make my 4 weeks at African Dream Horse so special. It was a pleasure to meet you, Shan, Ryan, Glen,...
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I Fell In Love With This Place!

It has been a month since I came back from South Africa but I am still dreaming about this place, wanting to go back. "Just relax, enjoy yourself, don't stress" said Shannon, sitting on the floor of my bungalow while I was unpacking my belongings. "And always check your boots! You don't want to have...
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My First Three Days!

My first three days at African Dream Horse Safari was the best start of my time here I could've asked for. When Traci picked us up at the bus station I immediately felt welcome and in good hands. She told us that everybody was at the bush pool and asked if we wanted to go...
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It was an incredible time with awesome people and an amazing family! In the whole time in Africa, I never felt like a part of a family like here with the Thomsons. Traci is an extraordinary woman, full of love, peace and fun. I will never forget her and her speech at her birthday, thanks...
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