In January 2012 we left a cold and wet Switzerland and were looking forward to the hot South African summer!

But when we got there, things turned out to be different.

During two days of heavy downpour Hoedspruit received the average annual rainfall in just 48 hours! That was obviously more than the usually dry riverbeds could take.

Roads got washed away, dams burst and houses got flooded. Due to the damaged roads, Hoedspruit was even cut off for a couple of days.

For some time there was a proper river floating through the stables! Fortunately neither we nor the horses got injured but the stables were a mess.

But as soon as the rain stopped, the whole town started cleaning up in an unforeseen effort. It was amazing to see how people helped each other during this time of crisis. By the time we left, everything was almost back to normal and we had gained an unbelievable wet experience!


Written by Rico (Switzerland)