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After a six hour drive from Johannesburg we arrived at the Sindyane Bush Camp on Jejane Private Nature Reserve.

Tired, we got out of the car and we met Glen and a huge rhino was just standing 10m from us! What a magical first encounter with wild south African wildlife! This has been so unreal! After having watched the big, beautiful white rhino for a while we finally took our luggage to the bungalows ready for more adventures like that! And for sure we had some! Especially with the rhino!

One morning I went to the kitchen and the rhino was just standing next to it. Standing still for a long moment, it seemed it was deciding whether or not to go to the waterhole. The kitchen was a good place to watch animals. Especially during the second week, as an elephant herd came frequently to drink at the waterhole. It was an amazing start to the day watching the elephants, and the elephants watching us!

Written by Sandra van Edig (Niger)