Today we saw an amazing sighting on Jejane; of cheetah on an impala kill!

It was so close to the vehicle, and we sat for 30minutes watching the stunning feline feed. It was very wary, and every so often would stand up and walk around, as if making sure nothing was going to jump out and steal its meal!

As we sat and watched we were aware of the trees around us slowly filling with the vultures that had been circling ahead; leading us to the site.

Eventually the cheetah had eaten its fill, and with one last look at us walked away into the bush. Almost instantly it turned from calm to chaos! The vultures all swooped down onto the carcass, fighting each other for a scrap of meat!

There were up to 6 different bird species (+- 50 birds in total) including the cape vulture, marabou stork, hooded vulture and the rare white headed vulture!

It was a brilliant sighting, and a wonderful end to Charlie and Birt’s stay with us.

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Written by Anna (Germany)