Hello! My name is Lieke van Klink and I am a Dutch student.
The past year I have spent 5 months in South Africa with African Dream Horse Safari, and during these 5 months I have fallen in love with the country, the amazing animals and the fantastic people!

I have felt so at home there, I really want to come back as soon as I can! I’ve already started saving! šŸ˜›
At African Dream Horse Safari I worked on an internship about the merge of JejaneĀ Private Nature Reserve and the Kruger National Park, and what it would mean for the stable yard and the student program if this was to happenĀ to the reserve the stables are situated in (Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate).

Because my study was mostly literature, reading, legislation and laws, It was difficult to ask for help from my fellow students at African Dream. But nevertheless, with Glen and Traci’s help I wrote a business analysis, a research report and a reflection on my time there within the given time; spending my days at the stables and in the bush, with 1 to 1 help and a half hour in between and the weekends to work on my project.
I am so happy I got to come to Hoedspruit and find some of the most amazing friends Iā€™ve ever met!
This was the best time of my life!!

Ā Ā 

Written by Lieke (Netherlands)