Once a year there is a special day and this special day is our birthday. The day that we celebrate with our friends and family.

This year my birthday was different than any other birthday I ever had. I celebrated it in African style!

Normally my birthday means that friends and family come by to eat pie and drink coffee. Nothing much happens.

This year I spent my 20th birthday in Africa!

I woke up listening to a happy birthday song that my friend played for me on YouTube. After that Shannon made us a delicious breakfast which included toast with eggs, cheese and bacon.

We went to the stables to go out on a dam swim. The weather was not that hot, but as we entered the water the sun gave us a nice welcome. We raced against each other to the other side of the dam. Our horses jumped into the water which gave funny videos. We had so much fun.

For lunch we ate waffles! Big waffles with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and pieces of a chocolate bar. Yummy!

But this was not the end of a great day. We went out for a sleepover in the bush. We set up a camp with a fire and beds. With beds I mean blankets on the floor with pillows and a sheet to lay under. Instead of chocolate cake we ate banana bread. Normally I do not like anything which contains banana but this was so delicious! Because we were sleeping in the middle of the bush, with all kinds of wild animals around us, we had to do guard shifts. Mine was from 4:00 am till 5:00 am. So that was not too bad. But for some reason I could not fall asleep. Somewhere in the middle of the night I heard Glen say that there were Elephants and Buffalo’s around us and that they were quite close. The rest of the night I kept listening if I heard them. Luckily they went another way.

This was the best birthday I ever had! I got to spend the day with amazing people and friends for life. It was very special to celebrate it in Africa. I will never forget my 20th birthday! It was awesome! Thanks to everyone who made it so special.

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Written by Britt (Netherlands)