When I decided to go to Africa, I was always dreaming at home of wild animals, the bush and nice people. I was worried about leaving my home, my family. But when I arrived at the small airport in Hoedspruit, Traci came to pick me up and it felt like home for me.

We went to the stables where I met all the other students and soon felt like a part of the family. After a few hours all my worries were washed away. Going to the stables, on game drives and sitting next to the waterhole became a part of my life. The only thing I was thinking about was “I am home.”

So if you are thinking about going to African Dream – don’t think about it, just do it! I am sure you will love it and everyone who is back home is still missing Africa.

Go and live your own African dream in Hoedspruit!


Written by Anna (Germany)