The day of the waterfalls was amazing! Around half past nine we left on a chilly Sunday morning.

Anna and the Dutchies on a road trip past the Blyde River to the waterfalls. Two of the girls were in the back of the bakkie and the others (with all windows open and the music loud) in the car. Everyone was singing along with the music and everyone was in a cheerful mood.

When we entered Sidwana Nature Reserve, where the waterfalls are situated, we saw monkeys, baboons, kudu mom with a calf and lots and lots of beautiful birds. When we arrived at the waterfall we were all so excited because “us Dutchies” had not really seen a lot of waterfalls in our lives. So seeing them was breath-taking. And then we were going to climb them as well!

Some of the girls went jumping of the first waterfall into the pool underneath and some went swimming. After being introduced to the first waterfall we started our climb up the waterfall. It was a technical but fun thing to do, some of us went up a bit easier than others at certain points but we all got up the beautiful climb. The views we had on the way where amazing! And on top there was another stunning waterfall. Right away we jumped into the cold water and started swimming and fooling around.

Everyone was so impressed with the surroundings you could just see it in their eyes. We were on the top of the world!! Or at least it felt like it. We went down again by climbing and some of us jumping of the rocks into the pools, it was the most amazing experience! On the way back we were singing and laughing again. We got home and we were all tired after a long day of enormous fun, laughter and climbing! It was an incredible day!

Written by Lieke (Netherlands)