Today was the day that African Dream played action cricket against Protrack.

Everyone was feeling fairly relaxed about the whole thing; just an easy game of cricket between friends… That was until we arrived and saw them practicing! We soon realised that it was going to be a little more competitive than we thought, and as most of us never really played we huddled and had an energising Thomson pep talk!

Protrack offered to even the teams out; as they had mainly boys and us mainly girls, but we decided to stay as we were and prepared to field first.

With only Lester and Glen on our team, bowling wasn’t our strong point and soon the balls were flying back towards us from Dylan and Spoon. They underestimated us big-time though! We were quick to move out of the way of the ball, and around the pitch as well! We were holding our ground, and soon Protrack were down to their last few batters.

It was now The Dream Team’s turn to bat and me and Traci were batting first and got a surprisingly good 30-something runs!! We had them in our sights, and each player did so well! It got to the last 2 batters, Glen and Lester, and we were just behind Protrack in the scoring. We all stood behind the nets cheering them on, and when the last over was finished it was announced that African

Dream Team had won!! No one could believe it at first, we were all in shock! Shaking hands with everyone we realised how well we had done, it was such a fun evening!

Thanks to everyone who came, and Nicola for taking photos!

Written by Anna (UK)