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A journey of giraffe!


It is always incredible to see Giraffe up close in the bush; whether it is on foot, on horseback or while on a game drive vehicle. They are graceful, beautiful and have a gentleness about them, making it easy to see why they are one of the favourite animals for people to see in the bush.

Giraffe are easily recognised by their long legs and neck; and they actually have the same number of vertebra in their necks as us humans do! They stand proud at around 5-7meters tall and are the tallest living land mammals in the world!

Their main food source is acacia leaves, and their necks enable them to browse above the canopy of trees that other herbivores can’t reach. They have an incredibly dexterous, almost rubbery long tongue, which help to pull leaves of the thorny branches without getting hurt.

Giraffe are usually found in groups, however members of these groups may wander off and re-join the group at another time. They have very few social bonds, and group members change regularly, however the strongest groups of giraffe are usually found to be mothers and calves.

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